• Dungeon Block

  • Exciting Rock-Paper-Scissors puzzle!

    Genre : Puzzle
Once upon a time, a brave knight fought an evil demon in a volcano to save a girl. After a long, intense battle, he threw the demon into the lava. Just when he was about to escape together with the girl from the demon”s lair, a towering shadow appeared out of nowhere and dragged the noble knight with it into the darkness. The girl, mustering every ounce of her bravery, headed back into the dungeon where the shadow took the heroic knight. Now she must defend herself against the most heinous of monsters by playing rock-paper-scissors as she quests to save the romantic knight. 

★★★★★ “Every stage is so full of suspense, it just takes your breath away!”
★★★★★ “I didn”t think rock-paper-scissors could be so strategic.”
★★★★★ “I want to know how this story ends. Does the girl save the knight?”

Are you tired of run-of-the-mill puzzle games? Try Dungeon Block! 
In Battle Play mode, you can play rock-paper-scissors with friends and players around the world.

■ Features
A puzzle game for people of all ages. Play it anytime, anywhere!
√ The game rules are universally easy: it’s just Rock-paper-scissors!
√ Over 200 different stages
√ 4 and 8-direction characters for versatile gameplay
√ Various game modes: Dungeon, Speed, and Survival
√ Thrilling combo attacks
√ Battle Play Mode: Play with your friends!
√ Fever mode gives you the chance to overcome dangerous situations.

■ How to Play
The rules are simple. Connect the Rock, Paper, and Scissors blocks like you would in Paper, Rock, Scissors. Rock beats Scissors, which beats Paper. Paper beats Rock, which beats Scissors. And Scissors beats Paper, which beats Rock. As you connect more blocks, you’ll be able to use more powerful attack skills. The Girl can move in 4 directions, and the Knight can move in 8. 
Dungeon Mode: Fight the computer to learn skills and develop your character.
Speed Mode: Remove Big Blocks with the time limit.
Survival Mode: Remove Big Blocks and clear as many stages as you can until the game is over.

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