• My Casino

  • Casino game enjoyed with users all over the world!

    Genre : Casino/Slot
Welcome to ‘My Casino’, the social casino game!
Ever think about running your very own casino?
Download this free game to become the owner of ‘My Casino’
and make the greatest, most splendid casino in the world!

You can visit other users’ casinos, play their slot games and earn chips.
Chips can be exchanged for the installation and upgrade of more slot machines
and/or the purchase of interior decor to make your own casino look even more amazing.

You can install slot machines of various concepts in ‘My Casino’
and play games like Money Wheel, Card Games and All Bonus.
You can even hire your own sexy, attractive and resourceful managers to bring flair to your casino.

Here’s another important fact!!
Don’t forget that you could be the winner of a jackpot that could be worth a fortune!

So enjoy free slot games and make ‘My Casino’ the greatest casino ever!

[Game features]

* You can connect to other casinos and enjoy their slot games in real time.
* Obtain Chips from slot games to purchase various slot machines and interior decor to make yours, the finest casino.
* Install and upgrade slot machines of various concepts.
* Obtain Free Coins through mini games. Upgrade mini game machines to earn more Coins.
* Visit casinos with accumulated jackpots and play their slot games to win an awesome jackpot.
* Visit users who steal Chips from your casino and take revenge.
* Hiring an attractive manager can raise various stats.
* Visit My Casino’s Currency Exchange to have Coins and Chips exchanged.