• Doors&Rooms; Zero

  • The escape game that everyone will fall into has just begun!

    Genre : Adventure
The new 2nd update featuring ‘Chapter 5. Gate’ has been released.



“Zero”, the latest title in the “Doors & Rooms” series of immersive and addictive escape games, has just been released.
You get to purely focus on escaping in “Doors & Rooms Zero,” and there’s nothing that can stop you!
There is no “what else?” You only have to escape the rooms, from beginning to end. To succeed in escaping, you have to find hidden objects.
But that’s not all! Once you find them, sometimes you need to use your best reasoning skills to disassemble them or combine them together.
They will all become the keys you need to help you escape the rooms.
And when you find it too difficult, try using the hints! You won’t need to purchase anything to see the hints.
Play the latest title, “Doors & Rooms Zero,” today! It’s designed purely for your love of escape!


# Simple to play! Addictive puzzle tricks!
# Easy-to-use UI and inventory configuration
# Hint system that can be found anytime
# Various themes in each chapter and stage
# A new graphic concept using pixelated images
# All you need is your reasoning skills and a brilliant imagination!