• Popping Balls

  • Simple, intuitive game-play…just tapping!

    Genre : Arcade
◆ Description ◆

Introducing our finest new game, Popping Balls!
You can enjoy this game by just tapping the screen…but keep your eye on the ball!
Simply by tapping, you can bounce the falling balls as you change the colored lines.
Sounds easy? Why don’t you try it now, and see how many points you can earn?
Don’t allow even a single slip…and keep bouncing the ball!!

◆ How to play ◆

It’s very simple!
There are many different colored balls falling.
Keep changing the colored lines by tapping the screen,
and prevent them from touching the falling balls that are the same color as them.
The longer you play, the faster the balls will fall!
Careful! You’d better keep awake!