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  • Use your knowledge to enlighten the world.

    Genre : Puzzle

New Time Trial mode!
New skins and updated skin images!
Perfect compatibility with iPhone 5!
Basic level balancing patch plus 50 new levels!

More updates are on the way.

Tap To On: Tap to turn on the bulbs and brighten the world!

A puzzle game that is simple, yet so engaging!
A puzzle game for people of all ages!
Play together with a buddy to double the fun!
It’s also the perfect game for grandparents and grandchildren to play at family gatherings!
This game really challenges you to think and helps sharpen your intelligence!

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– Simple gameplay: It”s easy and fast!
– 850 game levels for you to play free of charge!
– A variety of bulbs with different functions
– A wide selection of different colored skins for your custom gameplay
– Did you clear all the free levels already? Try the 1,050 pay-to-play levels.
– Constant updates to boost your gameplay

▶How to Play

– This game has only two rules:
Touch the bulbs to turn them on or off.
The bulbs turn on/off in different ways depending on their shapes.
To clear the stage, just turn on all the bulbs!
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Ha ha!
But you shouldn’t underestimate the complexity of this game.

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