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    Thread Date : (GMT -5:00) 2012-12-03 01:22:31

    Attention users, this message is from Gameday.

    Good news: our mobile website has been revamped!
    We've fixed hidden, stubborn bugs and
    also added a few updates for your convenience.

    ■ No More Clutter!
    Our main page has been cleaned up for a simple, mess-free user experience.
    Now it displays games only that are available for your OS.
    The links for official/free version games have also been trimmed,
    and unnecessary menus have been removed.

    ■ Is Escape the Room too difficult for you? Stop pulling your hair out and look for help.
    A community page has been added for Escape the Room.

    Visit the page for useful tips and reviews of the game.
    Access the page anytime, from anywhere.
    "What if no one has posted the game tip yet?"
    Well, then you can add yours as a starter.

    ■ Gameday has an open-door policy.
    Gameday likes to communicate with you.
    Send us your feedback, ideas, suggestions, and anything else that you want to tell us.
    Let us know!

    Use the following communication channels to contact us:
    Mobile Website:
    Youtube: http://

    The Japanese and Chinese websites are currently in development.
    We'll keep you updated about their opening.

    It's been raining heavily in Korea, thanks to a typhoon.
    We hope you're having more enjoyable weather,
    and stay healthy and enjoy playing our games!

    - Gameday Inc

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