• [Doors & Rooms] ★4th Update★ A weird story unfolds in the wonderland

    Thread Date : (GMT -5:00) 2013-03-05 00:53:25

    Doors & Rooms has updated.
    Let'g go to the Apple App Store and Update Right Now!!


    The 4th Update is huge! – A weird story unfolds in the wonderland

    Have you opened the brand new door in the last update?
    I know that you expected a fairytale paradise world behind that door.

    Welcome! I know it will be your first experience in our wonderland!
    Tons of weird stories that never can experience in reality are waiting for you.
    I know you cannot wait to venture through this fantastic realm! Download the update right now!!

    ★ Chapter 6: Weird Story
    10 surreal and mysterious stages are coming.

    • lamamaclayshann  (GMT -5:00) 2016-03-20 18:27:46

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